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Travel Writing Publications

Adventure Magazine
Caribbean T&L
Family Travel Files
Islands Magazine
Road & Travel
Texas Highways
Untamed Travel
Western Living

Freelance Travel Writing Markets

Are you a travel writer? travel writer's markets

Are you looking for places to publish your travel writing?

It is no surprise that freelance travel writing is a favorite path among freelance writers. What better way is there to be paid to travel the world, doing what you love...writing?

At we've put together a compilation of great 'destinations' for your travel articles.



Travel Writers' Markets

Adventure Magazine

Caribbean Travel & Life

Family Travel Files

Islands Magazine

Road & Travel Magazine

Texas Highways

Untamed Travel

Western Living

more freelance travel writing markets

travel writing markets

Do you need some good freelance travel writing tips? Try these.

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Travel Writing

25 Ways to Write for Money
by David Goldsmith


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